The Show

Texas Trocas is the captivating story behind the successful Mendez family, a Mexican-American family who rose from meager beginnings to create a powerful dynasty and achieve the American dream. Based out of San Antonio, the Mendez family founded Texas Chrome (also known as Mendez Trucking) and Triple R Diesel, which specialize in customizing old big rigs into gleaming works of art. Each episode features Raul Mendez Sr., his family, and the team as they tackle the day-to-day challenges that arise from running a trucking company and customizing commercial trucks.

Forty years ago Raul Mendez Sr. came to the United States and worked for years doing manual labor in the fields of South Texas. He worked hard to save enough money to one day fund his dream: to buy his own big rig. Eventually, he did in fact by his truck and was able to found his own transportation business with his wife Lupita. The story doesn’t stop there, however.

Several years later Raul’s sons, Roland and Raul Jr., decided to forge a custom truck shop to help Texas truckers customize their big rigs. With the help of their spouses, Johann and Lorraine, Roland and Raul Jr. expanded the Texas Chrome business and created the successful Triple R Diesel truck shop.

And so one of the most respected trucking companies in Texas was established. Their custom truck designs have achieved awards and garnered international attention. Texas Chrome began as a way to earn income and get by but has since converted into a flourishing, multi-generational family business.